ESG & Sustainable Finance


Sustainable Finance is among the most important items on the global political agenda: starting with the first landmark agreements in 2015 (UN Sustainable Development Summit and Paris Agreement), the European package of measures, starting from the report of the High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance in December 2016, to the European Commission's Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth in March 2018, to the regulatory package SFDR and Taxonomy Regulation and their consequences, provided a comprehensive framework for a more sustainable financial system.

Similarly, sustainability in its Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) manifestations is an integral part of Chartered Investment's philosophy. The holistic management of sustainability at Chartered Investment is built on two pillars:

Corporate Sustainability: with respect to our Group, we have set sustainability goals aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have implemented this self-image to ourselves and our clients and transaction parties as a signatory to the UN Principles.

Product Sustainability: With the ESG@Chartered initiative launched in 2022, we support our customers and transaction parties in implementing strategies and concepts to meet regulatory and voluntary sustainability targets at product level.


  • Sustainability is our self-image. We are a signatory to the UN Principles. 
  • With our group companies, we support our clients and transaction parties in the implementation of ESG strategies. 
  • We have extensive experience in structuring bonds according to, among others, the ICMA Green Bond Principles as well as CO2 compensation strategies. 
  • With LIXX Index Innovation, we offer ESG benchmarks for private placements and Climate Transition and Paris Aligned benchmarks to cover the full range of regulatory sustainability factors. 
  • E-SEC offers tokenization on Ethereum to its clients and transaction parties. The blockchain has continued to improve its sustainability scoring since the Merge.